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iBooks or “I booked you?”

line iBooks or “I booked you?”

Now although iBooks Author Tool is free to use, Apple has it that you can only give your work away for free or sell it through Apple’s book store. In other words, Apple owns your work that you created using iBook.

If you wrote a book, it is not yours to choose where you want to sell it. You can’t print it out to sell it. You can’t sell it on any competitor’s book stores. It is as if what you wrote belongs to Apple.

In summary, if you wrote something on iBooks Author Tool, you can only sell it to Apple users. Or give it away for free.

Now let’s see who is stupid enough to use it.

iBooks Author: You Work For Apple Now

With iBooks Author, Apple just made a hideous play to kill authors’ rights over their work. This doesn’t just affect big publishers like Pearson or HarperCollins; it affects every single person who wants to use Apple’s new tool to get their word out. Like iBooks Author? Apple now owns you.