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Quality of articles on PCMag is going down…

line Quality of articles on PCMag is going down…

While the iPad and tablets of today pretty much operate as standalone devices—and some will continue to do so—I am starting to think now that they will actually be the detachable screens on most laptops of tomorrow. After using the iPad with the Zagg Folio, I can actually see this concept being flushed out and eventually representing the form factor for a large user audience someday. That’s why the tablet is so important.

When Apple introduced the iPad, most of us just thought of it as a cool product, but one that stood on its own. In fact, it seems to me that it is actually a key part of the form factor of future mobile devices and in many ways, the fulfillment of Bill Gates’ vision from 20 years ago.


Bullshit. My response?

For me I see iPad as something that is purely for entertainment only. I see everyone treating iPad as an adult gameboy. Zagg is a third party and it’s keyboard case certainly isn’t representative of Apple’s vision for IPad, which was to sell content. If Apple’s vision was so noble as the way you put it, Apple would have their own form of keyboard attachment by now.

If you look at the bigger picture, there is only one tablet OS fitting Gates’ vision you talked about. USB support, ability to plug in SD cards, PC-like functionality and flexibility. As well as TRUE multitasking. That is Android.

On the hardware front, look at Asus Transformer released more than a year back. It is exactly as you described. A laptop form factor with detachable screen. In fact, this article was typed on an Asus Transformer Prime, which is already a second iteration of this very concept you say is “futuristic”.

While Apple is selling you present technology as “futuristic”, the real future is here already. Time to wake up.