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Help Alvin become a chipmunk

line Help Alvin become a chipmunk

Recently a dude who goes by the name of Alvin created is own site to tell the whole world that he wanted to get into NUS, but couldn’t. Many people supported this by spending 2 seconds of their time to click a “like button”. I thought otherwise.

Before we get overly emotional and applaud him for his perceived courage and stuff, let’s think about this rationally and logically and decide whether this is indeed a cause for support.

  • He graduated 2 years ago, he had 3 years to apply for NUS computer science and also to explore alternatives. Did he do that?
  • Since he claims to be so passionate about IT, why did NUS reject him? Did he provide the reason? Did he ask NUS what the reason was? Did any of you who give away your “likes” freely think about what the reasons might be?
  • NUS is not the only school that offers a degree in computing or computer science in Singapore. So why NUS and NUS only?
  • Does he view NUS as the only way to pursue his interest? Is his passion really in IT? Or is he really just passionate about going into NUS? In other words, is NUS a mean to pursue his passion, or does he view it as an end?
  • If he love NUS so much, has he given some thoughts as to the position he’d place NUS in. If NUS relented and grant him a place, would this open the floodgates for others doing the same? If NUS did not grant him a place, what could the possible media backlash on NUS be?
  • If he loves NUS so much, why is he placing NUS in an impossible situation?
  • Does he think that the university admission process is there just for fun?
  • After coding in multiple languages from 13 years old, his Final Year Project was a hippo game on a touch screen device?
  • After so many years in IT, he didn’t know that white text on yellow background is one of more risky color combinations in UX/UI design?
  • If he were to apply for a job, and his employer reject him, would he create any website?
  • Don’t get me wrong, I am not against this if it can be proven that his passion in IT is genuine. Right now there are more questions than answers, and I am withholding my support for this until when support is deserved.

    I am hungry for your answers.