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“I don’t care about GPA”

line “I don’t care about GPA”

Recently, it seems that there are some displeasure regarding my claim that “I don’t care about GPA”. Let me clarify.

“Don’t care about GPA” does not imply absolutely not studying. We are all students; we have to put some effort into studying. It doesn’t make sense to totally not study given that I am putting myself in such a huge tuition fee debt. What differentiates someone who “cares about GPA” and someone who doesn’t is the extent to which they mug for examinations.

People who care about GPA give up sleep in order to hug their textbooks for a little while more. While these people are enjoying their pratas supper at 3am, I am curled up in my bed in fetus position dreaming dreamy dreams. I have never gone to that extent. I sleep 8-11 hours every day during exam periods and this mantra had never been broken during my 3 years in SMU. It is only after exams where I will sleep only 4 hours a day to have more time to play games, watch anime and do development.

After serving as a Teaching Assistant for 3 modules, I would also like to point out that IN GENERAL, individuals who are very motivated by GPA tend to participate in class more (class part). Well, for those who took modules with me, the only module I bothered to class part out of all the 20+ modules I have already taken in SMU was Architectual Analysis, and that module has negligible class part component.

“Don’t care about GPA” also doesn’t mean that one cannot end up having a slightly above average GPA. Just like how some people who “don’t care about IPPT” can get Gold for IPPT without even trying. Damn these people, but life enforces justice of fairness this way.

In most modules, individual score components are much higher than group score components, with the effect that people who cares about GPA would concentrate more on the quality of their individual assignments, at the expense of group projects and assignments. In fact, one of the first advice I received in SMU from a senior who was in Deans List was “Don’t care about group project; let your teammates handle it. Concentrate on your individual parts, confirm GPA 4.” Teammates who have done projects with me in SMU should know my stand on such matters. We are all responsible for each other’s success.

Finally, many people who care about GPA are also those who give up their own moral values, integrity and ethics to achieve better GPA. So common are stories of undergraduates who ask their peers who have taken certain quizzes or tests earlier than them for answers. So common are people who resort to manipulation of personal relationships with professors and peers to put themselves in better position all in the name of GPA. Sorry, but I don’t care about GPA enough to do all that.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to preparing for the examinations. Good luck and may you get your desired grades.