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Mac to PC: Look, no condoms

line Mac to PC: Look, no condoms

All of us software developers know that all software will have vulnerabilities. To err is human and software are created by human. There will always be bugs, loopholes and possible exploits.

So why do Macs have such a good reputation when it comes to security? Simply because so few people use Mac that it is not economical for hackers to attack Macs by creating viruses and malwares for it. Hackers are smart.

Sadly, many Mac users (not ALL Mac users, mind you) are at the other end of the intelligence spectrum. So they go around telling people, “Hey, look at my Mac, I ain’t need no anti-viruses on, because there are no Mac virus!” However, the Internet is a treacherous place, with viruses floating everywhere. Mac users’ proclamation sounds to me like dickheads waving their dicks around and yelling “My dick has never gotten Aids before, so I don’t need condoms!”.

We, the smart, all-knowing, all-wise PC users can only look at them in disgust, perhaps sometimes with envy. After all, putting on anti-viruses sort of slows down your system, taking something away from the somewhat amazing computing experience just like what condoms did to sex (I am guessing on this one, sex is not my area of expertise). And when we look at some of the more recent Apple advertisements that proudly proclaims how “safe” Macs are, we can only hope that some malignant god that governs the ethical realm will be kind on Apple and gullible Mac users one day…

Well, that day has come sooner than expected. Sadly, society is structured in such a way that there are more gullible than rationale people, so more and more users switched to Mac. The value of writing viruses for Mac has increased tremendously.

And with that, came this, this and this, the fun is just beginning.

Look, no condoms.