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Untruths Behind Alvin’s Appeal Revealed

line Untruths Behind Alvin’s Appeal Revealed

In my earlier article, I raised questions regarding a site created by one particular Alvin regarding his appeal to get into NUS. Looks like my suspicion is confirmed.

Although Alvin’s site is all about “helping Alvin get into NUS”, Alvin was ALREADY given a place in NUS even before he started the appeal site. This was reported in a Today’s article.

Mr Wang, who was… offered a course in Information Systems at NUS, is hoping to use this website as part of his official appeal… to pursue a degree in Computer Science

In other words, this is NOT about Alvin not being able to get into University, or NUS being lousy in their admission process. This is about a guy not being happy with the course he have gotten, and trying to garner the support of so many people deceptively.

Information Systems and Computer Science in NUS shares many same modules, and they even have the exact same programmes during freshman year.

Yet, Alvin seems adamant about the whole thing, saying that he does not intend to enrol in university should he fail in this appeal and that, “To me, it is not so much about… getting that paper qualification.” Huh? Then what is this about?

Are you one of those misled by his half-truths? Perhaps he is better suited working in a advertising agency.

Finally, let’s take a look at the weird resemblance with a campaign by a 19 year old designer from Slovakia