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#MOMChats Townhall Session

line #MOMChats Townhall Session

Passion is all you need.

Having attended #MOMchats Townhall Session held on 11th October 2012 at Singapore Management University, one of the key topic that I found most memorable was the discussion on passion. In particular, the question posted by the audience was, “Can we survive on passion today?”

“Can we survive on passion today?” Minister Tan was filled with his conviction as he took on this question. He described his personal experience about how his passion had led him to where he is today. His passion for public service was deepened when he served National Service (NS), which was why he enjoyed his stint there tremendously. This propelled him to the public service sector and eventually becoming the current Acting Minister. Still, for most people, it is about finding the right balance between passion and survivability. Minister Tan gave the advice that, ultimately, we will have to decide what is most important to us, at different stages of our live. There are times when we have responsibilities we can’t fulfill should we just follow our passion. What really matters would be to find meaning in what we do.

I do not share Minister Tan’s passion for NS to such a large extent, and this placed in a slightly unique position of not being able to pursue my passion during the two years while I was in army. However, I agree with Minister Tan that it was simply a matter of knowing what is most important at different stages of our lives. While I may not be able to pursue my passion during the two years in army, what was most important to me during the time was character molding, and the two years in army certainly helped me be a more mature and resilient individual.

In order to answer the question on whether we can survive on passion today, I think we have to first define what “survive” really meant. Is “survival” defined as a) earning barely enough to put food the table but living each day with meaning or b) defined as commanding high pay so that one could live comfortably? I am inclined to go with the first definition.

I feel that as long as I am able to put food on the table, I am surviving. The beauty of thinking this way is that I don’t have to spend all my time thinking about what I should do to make more money. I would then be free to pursue my passion even if it could just barely put food on my table.

By pursuing my passion, every day will be meaningful, exciting and full of happiness.

At the end of life’s journey, I know for sure I will be smiling.