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My life in SMU so far…

line My life in SMU so far…

My last ever semester as a student starts in a few days. Looking back, I think I have made full use of the opportunities provided to me as a student. I’ve done community service projects, organized by own events, served as teaching assistant for multiple modules, done an internship, went on an overseas exchange, served in student bodies, and even started my own company! While being involved with all these exciting stuff, I’ve also tried to put some effort into studies as and when I can. I’ve received so much help from valuable project teammates during my 3.5 years (so far) in Singapore Management University, and many of them became some of my most awesome friends. Teammates, you have my heartfelt thanks for helping me survive SMU so far.

so far

My two remaining goals now as a student are clear.

The first would probably not be too useful for my future, but I was thinking, since I am already so close… why not? I shall try my best to graduate with Summa Cum Laude, the highest level of academic distinction available. In this day and age where post-graduate academic qualifications are flooding the market, at least academic distinction follows the curve and would allow me to discover where I really stand and give me the confident I really need to face the working world. I really hope I do get it.

To many, my second goal is a direct contravention of the first. I want my first startup, Oompr! Pte Ltd, to have a successful exceed within 2 years. Trying to achieve this while still aiming for Summa Cum Laude is foolish, I know. Not many, if any, have done this before. The odds are not in my favor. But I shall go for it.

Carpe Diem.